Temptation is: Logging in on a mobile browser so I can post thoughts directly from work when I go to break so I don't forget them.

Like my constant anger at customers who put shit in the impulse shelves. "I don't want this pack of deli ham after all, what should I do with it? Oh, I'll just put it in the candy here! Nobody will mind at ALL!"

All's quiet on the western front here... Shhhh

Sometimes... Sometimes I want to twist my customers' arms at work and admonish them for putting shit in the candy and chips at the reigsters, instead of handing their fucking shit to the cashier that is literally 3 whole feet away from them. You know, because that's what adults do, not toddlers.

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don't let go of things that make you happy because you feel like you're "too old"

I just very much want to curse so many customers out for so many things, I had something perfect to say about it while at work today and I've already forgotten. I shoulda written that shit down.

You know what I can never love enough? How Mojang treats modding of Minecraft. They looked at the growing modding community early on and just kind of shrugged... And then started poking mod creators to add things to the game. The first that always comes to mind is the Horse Update, the first time I noticed them actively working with a mod maker to add something - In that case, horses from Mo Creatures. And now we have rabbits, too!

Thankfully they don't breed like they used to in Mo Creatures. Um... RIP Simon Lane's house.

But now we also have polar bears, and camp fires, things I remember from other mods(Camping Mod was where I saw camp fires last), the way villages function and generate has changed(Recurrent Complex comes to mind for that one, awesome mod, highly recommend it)...

And now with 1.15, they're going to make modding even EASIER, they are actively making it easier to modify the game, and I LOVE it. How many game devs do that? How many say "Have fun changing our game, we like what you're doing you funky little players"? And if you buy a server space, you can even share your modded game with other people.

You can't do that in GTA! You'll get banned!

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Do you think anything similar to furries exists in Pokemon?

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I've been informed that this niche is filled by the PokeManiacs

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Do you think anything similar to furries exists in Pokemon?

I-- What? -Squints at 10 on that list- What happened in the history of my coffee maker brand that this is in the instructions?

Jazz Jackrabbit

In other news, unrelated to me going "Oh shit I can shitpost and it's not eaten" - I felt some nostalgia and drew Jazz Jackrabbit. I also posted him on my Patreon, free for non-subscribers, as the sketch you see! Gotta find the motivation to ink and color him, though

It occurs to me that Waterfall.social is still quite young, and still quite small, so it'd be hella easy for me to just... Shitpost away, and it won't yet be swallowed up in the blue hell void

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people say there isn't enough content on this site like... we have TONS of cat pictures. what other content do you need

I should, like... Log in to this on my phone... Hm...

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Patch Notes 0.15.38

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- Posting from queue now appears to be fixed as of 2 hours ago. If your queue still isn't moving, double check the frequency settings!

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Mine is working now, thank you so much! May I ask, though what the Frequency number means? The settings page doesn't explain, it just asks for a number that's not 0. I have mine set at 5 - 5 what? posts per day? hours between posts?

Really excited about this feature; it's wonderful to be able to reblog art I like without feeling like I'm flooding my friends' streams :)

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Posts per day! When the queue overhaul goes live there'll be some more indepth settings that'll hopefully be better explained, sorry about that!

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Would there be any chance of poking the suggestions algorythm? I've had the same 4 blogs rec'd to me for the last 2-3 days and none have any posts newer than a month or more ago.

Finally get rec'd some blogs by the algorythms, and... 3/4 had their last post 5 months ago and the other 1 month ago, and I guess the coffee-making ghost got 'em

So in the past four months, I got a new phone that can actually have Pokemon GO! on it, but now I've hit a snag in research in that I need to catch a Ditto... And I've been sat here for 15 minutes with a lure, a lucky egg, AND a star piece going trying to lure anything to me and I've had 4 Pokemon pop up in that time. WTF?

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trans rights are human rights

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I keep thinking about the name of the site, Waterfall, and it keeps making me think of that old TLC song...

Don't go chasin' waterfalls ~
Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to ~

But Left-eye, the lake I'm used to is getting so clogged and POLLUTED, of COURSE I'm going to go chase this waterfall!

Also now I feel old, I just called TLC's Waterfall old. RIP me

Quarter to 2am, perfect time for my first post! So yup, hopped over to Waterfall on a friend's suggestion and so far not displeased! It functions like the Old Blue Site enough that I'm not going "How do this"... And I haven't even found anybody to follow yet! I'm gonna start seeing what the tags suggest for me to follow, now, mostly Overwatch and MLP at the moment. SO yup. Might like... Try and upload some art, maybe? We'll see how much time I got in the next two weeks!